Step into a place…part Stone Design Center, part Stone Library & part Museum

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In an effort to provide an even greater experience for clients, ICON has taken new space in their current location and created ‘Galleria’.

Galleria is designed to provide design inspiration and information about stone in a distinctive and creative environment, a way that’s never been done before in our industry. Our goal is to make Galleria a destination, to inspire, and to unveil distinctive lines of surfacing materials which have been sourced from all around the world. Galleria will focus on encouraging creativity, exploring innovation and helping consumers acquire the stone that best captures the spirit and essence of each project. Clients can enjoy a peaceful experience, as they take their time and enjoy choosing their stone and tile in a quiet museum-like environment.

High Quality, Unique Products, Rich Heritage

French limestone: It has been used in Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral and in the lobby of New York’s Empire State Building. Labradorite, which is commonly used for countertops and is sourced from Canada’s Labrador province, is extracted in large blocks, sawed into slabs and polished, unleashing its light-reflecting properties. Eskimo legend has it that the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in this rock. These are just two of the hundreds of stone samples on display at Galleria as part of its distinct product lines:

- More exotic stones with unique finishes, some of which are exclusive;

- Exceptional stone products that are usually individual, rare or historical and may be custom sourced;

The exotic materials are much more desired at the moment than the traditional speckles materials. Of course, ICON carries handsome traditional granite, too, but we’re always on the lookout for new colors and styles. In addition to granite, ICON carries marble, limestone, quartz, semi-precious stone and sustainable materials such as Vetrazzo.

Our digging starts with airline tickets as we travel the world to find stones to meet our customers’ needs. When customers see a stone that inspires them, we will bring it back to them to be a part of their home design, even if it is not already part of our existing product lines.

Pushing the envelope of tile design

Galleria also showcases ceramic & porcelain tiles that ‘wow’ the senses. And since evolution is a continuous process, Galleria will continue to surprise and awe architects, designers and consumers by unveiling product lines that have never been seen before – further pushing the limits of design while providing comfort and meeting the demands for practical function.

Fresh innovative ideas in tile product lines are presenting architects, designers and homeowners with a broad scope of design possibilities. Whether it is exotic wood, marble, riverbed stone, and, even leather, Galleria has it covered.

AT GALLERIA, architects, interior designers and homeowners will experience a place where they can collaborate with dedicated ICON STONE & TILE associates in order to determine the stone that best fits the desired function and aesthetics of the project. The space itself serves as inspiration.

Galleria is creating a lot of excitement in the design community because it gives us the space to showcase various design ideas that incorporate a multitude of color, texture and finishes. Designers now have a place to bring clients, where they can see and experience the impact of natural stone and appreciate the value it brings to a room – Whether it’s a corporate confrerence room, an entrance, or patio or a family kitchen, bath or fireplace surround.

Galleria features more than 35 different tile collections and hundreds of stone samples from Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Greece, India, China, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and points beyond. The warehouse accomodates a large inventory of stone slabs, plus the Design Center Showroom, where you’ll find natural stone, ceramic & porcelain tile, faucets & sinks available for viewing and selection.

Expanding the horizons of design

Architects and designers are noticing a common trend in high-end residences – clients are moving stone and tile onto walls and other feature areas to serve as artwork. With Galleria, the message we want to convey is that stone is a versatile material with unlimited application and functional possibilities. At the same time, the stone itself can be a piece of art as decorative as it is functional.

Today, most consumers seem to be seeking the uniqueness, variation inherent in natural stone surfaces and unique tile products. With such a vast array of products now available at ICON, anyone can find great materials that capture their character, sensibilities & style and meet any budget too.