In 14,400 square feet of space, ICON’s fabricating facility is equipped with the latest Breton CNC machinery and the most sophisticated one, achieving the most precise quality in the shortest time. ICON’s facility also features an environmentally safe water filtration system.

At ICON’s factory, fabrication is carefully taking care of in a 5 steps procedure:

- Operators meticulously check the templates

- Quality operators clean and inspect the selected stone slab before cutting it using the electronically-drawn templates

- Craftsmanship and technology are mix together for the finishing stage: the edge profile you selected is shaped with human expert know-how.

- The countertop is then polished again and checked accurately with the original specifications for top precision.

- All edging and polishing is double checked by another operator before it leaves the shop.

At ICON, quality control is serious and unsurpassed.