With over 15 years’ experience in the stone business, owner and president Jean St-Onge has traveled the world in search of rare stones from quarries on virtually every continent.

There’s one word that sums up Jean, his motivations, his creative drive, and his life: PASSION. Passion for design, passion for new ideas, passion for perfection, materials and textures. Since 1994, Jean has cultivated his passion for stone by providing customers with what they value the most. After earning his business degree from Laval University in Canada, he got his first job working as marketing manager for a well-established international trader in natural stone. For seven years, he travelled extensively to Italy, China, India, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, and elsewhere, visiting quarries to find the latest products and rare natural stones. He went on to take a position as president of the tile and slab subsidiaries of International Stone Group, a major company with $65 million in annual sales. Five years later, he decided to go into business for himself and founded his own fabrication shop: ICON Stone + Tile. With his verve and enthusiasm, he has built ICON Stone + Tile into a successful, customer-focused enterprise with an original personalized approach.

Over the years, Jean has put together an outstanding group of people who share his passion and dedication! Come and meet our team today!

Jean St-Onge

Owner, President

Marie-Luce Denis

Senior Sales Associate

Bob Murray

Rubi Sales & Business Development

Zac Armstrong

Sales & Specification Representative

Daniel St-Onge

Rubi Sales & Customer Service

Gwen Draude

Showroom Sales Associate

Catherine Merand

Sales & Marketing

Casey-Lynn Brennan

Project Coordinator

Brian Banks